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In this post in the Burlingame Business Tips series we’ll be recommending our favorite podcasts for business that you can listen to on your daily commute.

You may have listened to every episode of This American Life (and all the spin-offs and rip-offs) but have you considered podcasts for business? Listen to the wisdom of some of world’s greatest business minds, get advice or pick up business tips while you’re in the car, at work or even in the gym.

What’s more, many of them are free so there’s no excuse not to get downloading, put your headphones in and up your business game. Here are some of our favorites to get you started.

Entrepreneur On Fire.
Host John Lee Dumas interviews a different entrepreneur every episode, finding out about their failures as well as their successes. Pick up actionable ideas for your business and be inspired make the change. There are over 1500 episodes to choose from so start with the 10 most popular, and then search for speakers from your industry.

This Week In Startups
Focusing on startups in the tech industry this podcast takes an analytical look at the latest news and events. A different guest joins host Jason Calacanis to give their insights on the week’s news stories meaning everything from healthcare, science and journalism is covered.

Online Marketing Made Easy.
Billed as ‘audio inspir-action’, this podcast will leave you not just inspired but also equipped to put what you’ve learned into action. Download for online marketing tips in a user-friendly format from host and entrepreneur, Amy Porterfield. A great podcast for small business looking to generate leads, gain more Facebook followers or get some ideas for new and original content.

Podcast listening

HBR Ideacast
Instead of paying a membership fee to read certain articles from the Harvard Business Review, why not download their podcast for free? With titles like ‘Our Delusions About Talent’ and ‘Negotiating With A Liar’, they deals with topics you might not have otherwise considered.

Stories From The Sales Floor
A well-known business podcast, Stories From The Sales Floor is meant to inspire and reveal what it takes to be a successful sales person rather than be a solely informative affair. Hosts Ben and Brandon balance humor with real life stories from top sales leaders. Download and pass on an entertaining episode or two to your sales team.

Conversations With A Genius
Helping small business owners ‘become not so small,’ Conversations With A Genius has talked to a wide range of entrepreneurs across different industries. From cleaning companies to designers, manufacturers to software creators, you’ll find valuable information about your niche here.

Mindset Zone
Doing things the way we’ve always done them can prevent us from learning new skills and progressing on our path to success. The Mindset Zone explores how to cultivate a mindset which leaves us open to growth and opportunity. Business leaders of any kind should tune in for topics such as how to identify your blind spots and how to have the courage to be imperfect.

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