best AppsWelcome to the newest post in the Burlingame Business Tips series where we’ll be talking about how small and medium size businesses can use apps to their advantage. To find out just which apps could really make a difference to your business, read on.

If you’re running a small or medium sized business it’s time to get to grips with apps. You may well have reached level 127 on Candy Crush but that top score won’t help you get organized, manage your time or connect with your employees more efficiently. Instead, download a handful of useful apps to your smartphone or desktop and marvel at how they can help how you run your business smoothly.

  1. Milebug. $2.99
    Keeping track of expenses can be a headache for both employer and employee. Milebug is a simple tool for tracking your vehicle mileage using your smartphone’s mapping system. If you regularly make the same trip simply save the details and select the journey next time. Make personalized additional categories to keep on top of fuel costs, maintenance expenses and email your report to your finance team when you choose.
  1. Asana. Free plans available
    Create projects and tasks, assign them to team members and follow the progress from your smartphone or computer. Team members can see what they should be working on and how this relates to a colleagues workload too. Being able to see tasks, subtasks and deadlines as well as relevant comments and attachments helps banish those long, drawn-out email conversations as people try to keep on top of a project.
  1. Snapseed. Free
    If your business is active on social media (and it should be!) then you need a photo editing tool to make sure your snaps are Instagram-ready. Snapseed has a bunch of filters to give your photos different moods and effects to adjust, touch up and remove imperfections. For every filter or effect you add, Snapseed creates a ‘stack’ so you can keep track of changes as you go along. What this means is that you can edit individual ‘stacks’ without affecting other changes you’ve made, resulting in a more user friendly and intuitive experience.
  1. Square. Free
    Download Square and transform your phone or tablet into a point of sale, making it easy for anyone to accept credit card payments. If you have staff that work on the move like salespeople or drivers, this could streamline your payment process dramatically. The app itself is free to download and takes care of digital receipts, inventory, sales reports and provides valuable analytics and feedback – giving you more time to focus on your customers. You’ll pay 2.75% of each transaction processed.
  1. Slack. Free plans available
    Slack is an instant messaging tool that is perfect for small and medium businesses. Easily organize conversations into private or public channels, ideal for different departments or teams of your business. Send files to groups easily and pin documents for speedy access at a later date. A particularly neat feature is the ability to reply directly to a comment that starts a thread and keeps conversations easy to follow. You can also connect Slack with other apps and programs and set up reminders from Google Calendar or easily share files via Dropbox for example.

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