Help for Burlingame Businesses

Burlingame Avenue

Businesses along Burlingame Avenue.

Burlingame’s industrial growth was spurred in the 1960’s and 1970’s by its proximity to the San Francisco International Airport. The City of Burlingame is a great place to own and operate your own business. From its shopping districts around Broadway and Burlingame Avenue and Burlingame Plaza on the north end, to the industrial areas along Rollins Road, office complexes on the east side and Burlingame’s Auto Row, the opportunities for business owners abound. The Burlingame Chamber of Commerce is happy to assist you with any business questions you may have. Please visit our Business Directory for a complete list of Chamber members.

Burlingame Chamber focuses on:

  • Creating A Strong Local Economy
  • Promoting the Community
  • Providing Opportunities To Build Relationships
  • Representing The Interests of Business With Government

If you have questions, concerns or need help with a specific business issue, contact the Burlingame Chamber of Commerce and we will listen to your issue and give you information on your best option/s and resources to help you move forward.